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every time i come online i complain on my secret personal blog and don’t reblog anything and i apologize everything’s been really rough lately i absolutely hate going to school (but who likes to in the first place), i’ve been feeling self conscious and paranoid about a lot of things due to certain situations and i just have’t been feeling happy at all. i hate the house that i live in, i hate the classes that i’m in, the people around me make me feel uncomfortable and i just feel annoying and stupid whenever i complain about anything. then i feel like everybody will judge me because i always look sad. i can’t even count the amount of times people have asked if i’m okay in this week alone. and the best thing is i can’t tell anyone exactly what’s wrong. i can’t share my secrets with my closest friends and for that reason i feel alone. i don’t think i’ve ever felt so alone in my life.

and yeah, that’s the update.

140905 incheon airport
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REAL GOT7 S2E06: Jackson and his new found girlfriend

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thank you so much masao ily you mean so much to me ;-;